Becoming a Surrogate Mother

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Family really is a social construct, and family is what you say it is.

Learn how to become a surrogate mother and make someone's dream of family, a reality

Thank you for your interest in becoming a surrogate mother. Your desire to help intended parents build their family through gestational surrogacy is both generous and noble. Many women consider becoming a surrogate mother not only to give the gift of parenthood, but to benefit their own family too. No matter what your reason is for becoming a surrogate mother, ConceiveAbilities® is here to make your experience – from the initial consultation until long after the delivery – a positive one. We are here to guide you through the surrogate requirements and support your journey every step of the way.

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Become a Surrogate Mother - See how Matching Matters®

We understand the significance of the right match, and we are proud of our Matching Matters process that focuses on the connection between a surrogate and the intended parent. Our experience has proven that matching does matter. The right match lays the foundation for the entire surrogate mother process, resulting in a successful and smooth engagement for you.

Our matching methodology includes steps that can match you with the family you’re meant to help. Other agencies, using less sophisticated pre-screening approaches, can leave surrogates and intended parents in a holding pattern until a fertility clinic approves the match for pregnancy. Since all surrogate candidates applying to ConceiveAbilities are preliminarily screened, our approach is one step ahead. We dramatically shorten the timeline and increase the chances for a great match and sustained relationship.

Often surrogates — who start off as strangers to intended parents — become an extended part of the family. The depth of this connection is why ConceiveAbilities uses its Matching Matters approach to family creation.

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A surrogate's journey

Becoming a surrogate is an amazing journey. For our gestational carriers, it is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. The realization of their calling. Meet these women and learn their stories.

Surrogate Liz
My Husband and I always wanted to do this
A couple holding hands beside a woman combing her daughter's hair
For me, having babies was easy and I wanted to make it easy for someone else.

Liz is a ConceiveAbilities surrogate with a laugh that dares you not to join in. She loves her family, her husband and her life, and she wants to share that optimism and kindness with another family.

“So, like everything these days, I started with a Google search to find out how to become a surrogate and ConceiveAbilities popped up. I read some reviews, filled out an application and was on my way,” Liz punctuates her statement with a full voice and a hearty laugh.

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Surrogate Liz alternate view

“From there, everything went smoothly. I was accepted and waiting to be matched. Then the call came. I was in the mall with my friend, because you are always in the mall with your friends when things like this happen. Alicia, one of the people at ConceiveAbilities, said, ‘We found your match! You are perfect in every way but one…'

And I said, “They are from Spain…” She said, ‘How did you know that?’

“I had always had this feeling they would be from Spain. I don’t know how I knew, but I just did. And it gets even better, I talked to my husband and he had the same feeling that they were from Spain too, that’s how we knew these were the right people.”

“So we met on the phone and got along really well right from the beginning. The call just confirmed what we already knew – these were the people we were meant to help.”

Soon, the delivery day arrived. Her husband and the parents were in the room with her throughout the entire process.

“When it came time to push, I remember saying, ‘Time to be parents, not intended ones anymore.’ The mother immediately grabbed my hand and said, ‘We are in this together.’ Couple of pushes and he was here.”

Liz describes the room as really peaceful and positive after delivery. The hospital staff felt something strong but unmistakable – the presence of love.

“When I was getting discharged they wanted me to know that there was this wave of happiness, joy and peace in our room,” Liz says. “They were kind of in awe. Being a surrogate is something I will be forever proud of.”

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Join our Surrogate Sisterhood

We are proud of our surrogate community. More and more women are feeling empowered to become surrogate mothers. They are an integral part of what we fondly call our “Surrogate Sisterhood” – the women who make someone's dream of family a reality.

At ConceiveAbilities, we have the special privilege of working with surrogate mothers from a variety of backgrounds and from every corner of the United States. From our locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado, we are in daily contact with dedicated and dynamic women in Illinois, Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin and countless other cities and states.

Our surrogates tell us that they feel strongest when they are able to connect with other surrogates. We foster surrogate-to-surrogate relationships through in-person meet-ups, surrogate support groups, surrogate family events and social communities. And the surrogate community extends beyond the special women who make this commitment – we also recognize the men behind surrogacy.

Our team encourages an ongoing dialogue with the surrogates and their families, who all play important roles in a pregnancy.

Start your surrogate journey and apply to become a surrogate with ConceiveAbilities.

Surrogates Jessica, Michelle, Danielle

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