Surrogacy Advocate Program

Our Surrogate Advocates are here to provide authentic insights about surrogacy and working with ConceiveAbilities. We encourage you to reach out to them directly so they may assist you in learning more about surrogacy and if it’s right for you.

Click to read each surrogate's bio and learn how to best reach them. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the program guidelines.

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We get it. There is a lot of information about surrogacy out there and it is easy to feel overwhelmed or not know which step to take next.

Although surrogacy is becoming more common, we do hear from many applicants that they had never met or even spoken directly with a real surrogate prior to applying to our program. We understand that this lack of familiarity and supporting reference can make surrogacy feel more distant. Many women find that it is very helpful to connect with an experienced surrogate, someone who has been where you are now and can speak to the more human aspects of surrogacy.

The women listed above are uncompensated volunteers who feel so passionately about surrogacy as a means of touching other's lives that they have offered to speak with any potential surrogate applicants who may want to connect. ConceiveAbilities does not compensate them -- they do this to give back.

We invite you to click on each image to read the surrogate’s bio and learn how to best reach her. Advocates who have included their phone numbers are open to calls or texts.

We encourage you to connect with these wonderful ladies and to use them as the valuable resources they are; unlike any other resource, experienced surrogates can help you determine whether surrogacy is right for you. We know you will enjoy speaking with them.

Of course, our acceptance team remains available to you as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out regarding any questions about the medical, legal or financial aspects of the journey.

Surrogate Advocate Program Guidelines

Our volunteer surrogate advocates are encouraged to share freely, as they see fit, and to their own level of availability and comfort. We do ask that our advocates and those who reach out to them to abide by the below guidelines.


  • Advocates have been asked to avoid in person meetings with any parties unknown to the program, for safety reasons.
  • Advocates have been asked to decline any offer to connect on social media prior to an inviting applicant becoming known to the program.


  • Our Advocates are busy moms with full lives who have generously offered to volunteer their time to connect with applicants. They are eager to speak with you, but we ask that you be respectful of their time.


  • Surrogate compensation is based on state, experience and other variables. Our Advocates are not the best resource for such information; many have specified that they regard their personal compensation as a private matter and would rather not discuss it. If you have questions about compensation please look to, our compensation page, our compensation calculator, or reach out to our acceptance team, via email or contact form.

Requirements and Medical

  • Although several Advocates are medical professionals, we ask that you direct all medical and requirement-related questions to the ConceiveAbilities' nursing and acceptance team.

ConceiveAbilites would like to express its sincerest thanks to our incredible Advocates. These women represent the heart of our community, and we are honored to work with them as they continue their calling through advocacy.