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We could tell you that we were the first fertility agency to have in-house vetting, or the first to create a proprietary matching program. Being first is important, but the numbers say we are not only the first, but the best. These statistics tell the story of the families we have helped to create through surrogacy and egg donation.

20+ years in business, 20+ years of excellence

families created
of accepted egg donors are college-educated
of applicants are accepted to be our egg donors
of our surrogates are successfully matched at the
first meeting with Intended Parents
of GC applicants we screen achieve medical clearance
NPS score for our surrogate program
of applicants are accepted to be our surrogates
*All statistics are based on 2017 and 2018 data.
ConceiveAbilities success rate

ConceiveAbilities success rate

We have aided our clients in achieving their family destiny with our multi-disciplinary team of compassionate experts which includes medical, business, legal, psychological and nursing leadership.
Our family-building success rate: 90% successful embryo transfer rate resulting in an 82% live birth success rate. Whereas the national average for live births through IVF is only 38%.

(*CDC 2016 National Summary, Assisted Reproductive Technology Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report. Patients aged 38-40 using non-donor egg frozen embryos.)

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