Egg donation requirements

You have big plans. School, travel, saving for the future. You may be wondering: what are the criteria for egg donation? The same focus and determination you use to make what you want happen in your own life are what we need in an egg donor. We are looking for women who are healthy, open and ready to commit to helping create a family. Interested? Read on to learn what we’re looking for.

From the first phone call through retrieval, I felt heard, supported and like I was part of something important.

Requirements to donate eggs

Our requirements make sure you and everyone else involved is as secure as possible.

Personal qualifications

United States citizen or resident

Between 21-28 years of age

BMI under 28 (BMI calculator)

Willing to be under consideration for 6 months

Willing and able to respond to communication within 24 hours from ConceiveAbilities® and medical staff

Medical qualifications

Have regular monthly periods

No reproductive disorders or abnormalities

Physically and emotionally healthy

Non-nicotine user, non-smoker, non-drug user; no vaping or psychotropic drug use

Not currently on the Depo-Provera shot

Not currently using the Implanon/Nexplanon arm implant

Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation

If you do not qualify to become an egg donor and feel called to help others build their families, learn more about becoming a surrogate. Surrogate mother requirements are different from egg donation qualifications and you may still be able to fulfill your dream.


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Egg donation is a process by which a woman (referred to as the donor) provides her eggs to intended parent(s) to assist in the conception of a baby. Egg donation is a safe and widely accepted means of assisted reproduction. For women whose medical conditions prevent them from becoming pregnant, egg donation (in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization), can be a means to starting a family.