Egg donor costs + fees

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We do our best to estimate all expenses and to protect your financial as well as emotional investment. A comprehensive fee outline will be provided when you connect with our team.

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Egg donor program fee structure

The cost of egg donation can be variable. The average cost range is based on services, egg donor compensation and medical expenses. Read below to learn more.

Escrow Fee $450
Professional Fee $9,500
Intended Parent representation for Egg Donor Agreement $500
Donor representation for Egg Donor Agreement $500
Donor Expense Account $2,000 (local donor) or $9,000 (non-local donor)
Donor Compensation $10,000+
Total $22,950+

Egg donor program fee details

Professional Fee

Recruitment, vetting, donor complications insurance, and all Match Manager-related processes.

Average Egg Donor Compensation

Egg donor compensation varies by location, ethnicity, education, experience and other criteria.

Donor Expense Account

Covers donation-related incidentals, traveling that may be required, and outside monitoring at a secondary IVF center.

IVF & Embryo Creation

All costs associated with the IVF procedures including medical testing, screening, laboratory, medications, ultrasounds and doctor visits are in addition to the fee structure above and paid directly to the IVF center. A detailed and complete list of these fees can be obtained through your IVF clinic.

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Frequently asked questions

How long can the donor remain reserved?

Donors can remain reserved until she is approved by your Fertility Center and, once approved, for two business days.

When are fees due?

All fees are due at the time you sign and execute your retainer with ConceiveAbilities.

What if the donor does not achieve medical clearance from the clinic, or the cycle is cancelled prior to the donor's injection start date?

If the cycle is cancelled before legal clearance, all fees are refundable except for the $450 escrow fee and any travel costs for the donor. If the donor is not medically cleared due to factors not in her control, such as adverse results from a genetics test, she may be entitled to compensation for her partial performance. If the donor drops out of the program or has a positive drug test, she receives no compensation. If the cycle is cancelled after the match has achieved legal clearance but before the donor has started injections, the professional fee and donor compensation is refundable.

Do the fees listed above include medical costs associated with IVF treatment?


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