How to Become an Egg Donor

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I didn’t expect how much this experience would change me for the better. I gained way more than money — I gained a new confidence that I am able to make positive change for someone.
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Discover the Benefits of Egg Donations

Maybe you became interested in egg donations as a way to earn a little money for a future dream or education. Or maybe a friend was facing infertility and had trouble having a baby.

Whatever your motivation might be, you get way more in return than you can imagine. You are helping intended parents fulfill their family destiny.

Find an Egg Donor Agency that Supports You

At ConceiveAbilities®, we have developed an egg donor program that supports you, rewards you and makes the egg donation process positive.

Becoming an egg donor is a process that is transformative for you and the family you help create. In addition, we are one of the highest-paying egg donor agencies. Imagine the joy you receive helping an intended parent fulfill their dream, as well as the financial compensation you can use to pursue your dreams - travel, paying for your education, etc.

As your egg donor agency, we provide you with:

  • One-to-one support and education
  • Legal guidance
  • The security of working with industry pioneers

See Starting Compensation
ConceiveAbilities is all about us. They made me feel celebrated and supported. They answered all of my questions. And were available via phone or text.

Looking for more compensation and fulfillment?

Egg donation may seem like the best next step when you want to earn extra income while helping someone grow their family, but did you know surrogacy can actually offer you more compensation and fulfillment? And with a supportive agency like ConceiveAbilities, you can embark on your surrogacy journey with confidence.

Learn About the Egg Donation Process

Knowing what to expect as you consider becoming an egg donor can help solidify if this journey is right for you. Below is a brief look at the egg donation process:

Application and Intake

Once you submit your egg donor application, it usually takes 2-3 weeks from online application submission to final intake call.

Apply to Become an Egg Donor


After you have been approved, you will be matched to the intended parents and a Match Manager who will help you navigate necessary appointments.

Medical Screening

Part of the egg donor application process is a mental health consultation, which includes a psychological screening, as well as a medical screening. We do this to ensure the health and security of our egg donors. We want to make sure the young women who apply are ready for this journey.

The Medication Cycle

To ensure egg development, we guide you through necessary medications involved with the egg donation cycle and support you as you work with your doctor on this protocol. Your health and security is our priority throughout the treatment cycle.

Some of the medications you are encouraged to take include: birth control at the start, corticosteroids, follicle stimulating hormone, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist & more.

Learn More About Egg Donor Medications

Egg Retrieval

The egg retrieval procedure is done at the IVF center. It is a necessary outpatient surgical procedure needed to retrieve the eggs. You’ll want to spend the day taking it easy following the procedure and have a family member or friends stay with you and get you home.

The End and the Beginning

After your surgical procedure, you have officially become an egg donor!

See Our Egg Donor Requirements & Qualifications

We want the best for our egg donors and our intended parents, which is why we have established a set of egg donor requirements and qualifications for potential egg donors. These include age requirements, BMI, family medical history and more as a part of our screening process.

If you do not qualify to become an egg donor, but still feel called to help intended parents build their families, surrogacy is another option. Surrogate mother requirements differ from egg donor qualifications, so you may still be able to help a family and fulfill your dream.

Take the Next Step

Do you still have questions? That’s okay! Becoming an egg donor is a big step, but we are so grateful you are interested.

Feel free to reach out to us with your additional questions, or check out our Egg Donor FAQ.

If you believe you are ready to take this next step, complete our application to become an egg donor or explore our surrogacy program instead.

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Egg donation is a process by which a woman (referred to as the donor) provides her eggs to intended parent(s) to assist in the conception of a baby. Egg donation is a safe and widely accepted means of assisted reproduction. For women whose medical conditions prevent them from becoming pregnant, egg donation (in conjunction with in-vitro fertilization), can be a means to starting a family.