How we choose our egg donors

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Curated for courage and character

Beyond physical characteristics, we know you are looking for something less defined – maybe a smile – that just feels like family. Our egg donor selection process is designed to find the best donors, curated for tangible characteristics such as education or ethnicity, as well as discerning qualities such as courage, curiosity and determination. Our process works to present you with only the best choices so you can quickly and easily choose an egg donor.

Only one in 20 egg donor applications submitted to our program meets our basic standards, driving 95% of applicants to register with different egg donor agencies.

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The DNA of a ConceiveAbilities egg donor

  • 87% are college-educated
  • Only 5% of applicants are selected
  • Able to listen and make the most of their future
  • The women most likely to pursue their dreams
  • One part courageous, two parts committed

The beginning of the end of your search

Our selection process limits our egg donor program to the highest-quality donors. Our process looks into a variety of factors ranging from medical history to career goals and personality traits, to identify donors that are healthy as well as demonstrate a combination of intelligence and grit. Our select pool gives you the focus and confidence that you are choosing the best donor for your family.

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