Surrogacy Insurance For Family Building

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Why choose an agency for surrogate insurance?

Intended parents are responsible for their surrogate’s expenses. So, without partnering with an agency, you will need to coordinate with in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics, insurance companies, and legal support. Surrogacy agencies can help bridge any financial and logistical gaps, saving you time and medical expenses. Many agencies also provide comprehensive packages designed for a gestational surrogate’s health and the intended parents’ peace of mind.

We stand by our intended parents

At ConceiveAbilities, we understand that there isn’t one concrete solution to cover surrogacy. Every surrogacy journey is unique, and therefore, surrogacy costs and medical coverage will be different for everybody. We partner with you to ensure any fertility treatments, medical costs, and other out-of-pocket expenses for the surrogate are covered. From the surrogate’s health insurance plan to maternity care and more, we will lay out all the details upfront.

Sound advice for secure coverage

Securing a surrogacy insurance policy is a complex process. Insurance markets are dynamic and ensuring sufficient coverage is crucial. We reduce the complexity and risk by offering access to the most comprehensive insurance package and pricing available. Our nearly quarter century of experience, strong relationships, high success rate and elite surrogate vetting process allows us access to plans not available to other agencies. This coverage is part of our "all-in" pricing program which provides complete peace of mind throughout your journey.

Due to our history in third party family creation, our long-standing relationships, the quality of our surrogates and our high success rate, we can offer access to coverage and pricing unmatched by any other agency.

Coverage and costs

Fertility insurance coverage is part of the overall cost of gestational surrogacy. It is integral to making sure this process is as secure as possible. We are always working to provide you the highest level of security as you pursue a surrogate pregnancy and, ultimately, your family’s future. We’d be happy to discuss your journey and the details of our exclusive insurance package and pricing during a consultation with one of our specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a surrogate need their own insurance?

While a surrogate should have insurance coverage for themselves, this is not the most ideal scenario for the intended parents. For one thing, their insurance may not provide ample coverage for the pregnancy. Also, while you do not need to pay premiums, but you would need to pay for copayments and deductibles. Plus, using a surrogate’s insurance can be risky, especially if they change jobs or their current employer changes insurance providers.

Can I use my medical insurance to cover the surrogacy journey?

Because insurance plans won’t cover non-members, your policy will not cover the gestational carrier. However, the intended parents’ insurance will cover costs for the baby once they are born.

Can I pursue an individual policy during Open Enrollment under the Affordable Care Act?

If your surrogate does not have coverage, we would not recommend an individual plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These health insurance policies are not specially designed for surrogacy health care expenses. Plus, they do not guarantee that a surrogate can see their doctor or switch to a specialist if needed. To ensure you have reasonable insurance costs and optimal protection for the surrogate, comprehensive surrogacy insurance involves the least amount of risk.

What would you recommend most for intended parents and surrogates?

We will make sure your surrogate is not uninsured. We always recommend ART Risk Solutions, as they specifically focus on surrogacy coverage. When a new surrogate registers through ConceiveAbilities, we have ART Risk Solutions review their insurance. They will ensure that a surrogate’s coverage allows them to see the doctor they choose with their intended parents and switch to a specialist if necessary. If their coverage is not sufficient, we will suggest a Universal Life Plan through Lloyd’s of London through ART Risk Solutions. Most of our surrogates are accepted to the Lloyd’s of London premiere plan and will receive a $25,000 discount.

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