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At ConceiveAbilities® we believe becoming a surrogate mother is one of the most courageous things anyone can do. Many of us on our team have either been surrogates or have been fortunate enough to become parents with the help of a gestational carrier. We have built a practice that protects and celebrates you throughout the journey. We are your people.

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Becoming a surrogate

Our surrogates are heroines. They love their families and want everyone else to feel that joy. If you have always wanted to help another family grow, are in good health and have a strong foundation, becoming a ConceiveAbilities surrogate might be for you. Explore how to become a surrogate.

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A process powered by compassion

Our matching and medical process is designed to protect and lift you up with us supporting you every step of the way. We never forget the commitment it takes to become a ConceiveAbilities surrogate. We are always grateful to you for your dedication to being a surrogate.

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What makes us better

A Matching Matters® program that connects you with the family you were meant to help. A multi-layered surrogate support structure. A calling like no other. Learn about what makes our surrogacy agency better.

Top 5 Surrogate Questions

Who will cover the costs associated with my surrogate pregnancy?

All expenses are paid by surrogacy insurance or the intended parents. While there may be a few out of pocket expenses throughout this process, you will be reimbursed in a timely manner.

Why would I not be accepted into the surrogacy program?

Disqualifications for surrogacy are most often related to the state you reside in and the legalities regarding surrogacy there. Aside from that, the OB/delivery records from a surrogate's previous pregnancy must be free of any serious medical and psychological complications. A history of healthy, full-term deliveries is an absolute requirement for acceptance into the program. You can see our entire list of surrogate mother requirements here.

How long does the surrogacy process take?

You can anticipate the surrogate mother process taking between 15 and 18 months. Because there are many variables in a gestational surrogacy arrangement, it is difficult to specify.

What should I expect in my relationship with the intended parents?

This is where our years of experience and Matching Matters methodology is most meaningful in cultivating the right relationship between all parties. We work to establish mutual expectations for the kind of relationship the surrogate and intended parents envision and it will vary from one match to the next. Some relationships can be business-like compared to matches where the participants communicate more often. The kind of relationship you are interested in will be explored before and during a potential match with intended parents.

After the baby is born, what am I responsible for?

Nothing except taking care of yourself! Legal documents are filed with the local county court system that grant the intended parents parental rights over their child or children.

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