How we choose our surrogates

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Finding a surrogate mother can be overwhelming. When we select our surrogates for our intended parents, we are looking for some qualities that are concrete and others that are unique. We find women who love their families and love being parents. They want everyone to have that feeling. They are also responsible, financially sound and feel the call to become a surrogate.

Screening that supports success

Our rigorous pre-screening process is unlike any other. It allows us to match you with the perfect surrogate for your family the first time, almost every time. This reduces the time it takes to find a surrogate mother, getting you to parenthood quicker and increasing the likelihood of pregnancy.

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How to find a surrogate mother

Something as sensitive as carrying a child for someone else calls for a certain level of compatibility. You can’t achieve this from simply reading a profile online. As your surrogacy agency, we take time to get to know our intended parents and our surrogates to help them find the right match. We create trust and mutual understanding by using our direct knowledge of the personalities involved, as well as the individual medical and legal requirements. Ready to meet your surrogate?

Our 10-point screening process to pick a surrogate mother

  • Conducted by licensed nurses
  • Unique vetting consultation and enrollment steps
  • OB recommendations, health check, and clearance letter
  • Background check for both the surrogate and her partner
  • Financial check for both the surrogate and her partner
  • Home check
  • Full review of previous labor and delivery history by in-house medical professionals or registered nurses
  • Psychological screen and standardized testing of surrogate by a licensed mental health provider
  • Insurance review
  • Benefits review
97% Success at First Meeting

Matching Matters® Connecting you with the surrogate that was meant to help you.

Our matching process delivers a 97% successful first meeting. Our surrogacy process helps you find a surrogate mother who has the same values and wants the same relationship that you do. After you have been matched, we help you develop the surrogate relationship that works best for your family. Ready to connect?

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Surrogate Stacy with intended parents and the surrogacy-born baby