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Egg Donation Process

We know the egg donor process may seem overwhelming. Relax. You are in good hands. We are pioneers in the egg donor and surrogacy business, growing into a full family fertility agency by always supporting our egg donors and surrogates. We put your security first.

From completing the application through the egg donor procedure, we make sure you have the information you need, like how to donate eggs and what the egg donation timeline will be, so you are as informed and empowered as possible.

The process was clear. I felt heard and supported the whole time.

Have you considered surrogacy?

Egg donation may seem like the best next step when you want to earn extra income while helping someone grow their family, but did you know surrogacy can actually offer you more compensation and fulfillment?

  • Application and Intake

    2-3 weeks
  • Matching

    Varies per donor
  • Medical Screening

    6-8 weeks
  • The Medication Cycle

    10-21 days
  • Egg Retrieval

    1 day
  • The End and
    the Beginning

    Immediate and ongoing
  • Application and Intake

  • Application review through intake call: 2–3 weeks

    We are excited to meet you. To get going, please fill out the egg donor application. If you are selected, we will schedule a time to talk and give you more details about the egg donation process. The steps in this phase include:

    Online Application

    You provide general information to get the process moving.

    Phone Screen

    After we review your application, we will call you for an initial screening.

    Enrollment Packet

    Once you pass the phone screening, you will receive a link for a full enrollment packet.

    Intake Call

    When you have been approved and your enrollment packet screened, we will contact you for an intake call.

    Start your journey
  • Matching

  • Timeline to match donors to intended parents varies

    After application and intake, you will be matched with your intended parents, but will receive:

    Support throughout

    Your Match Manager supports you throughout the process and helps you navigate doctor’s visits.

  • Medical Screening

  • 6–8 weeks to get full results and start medications

    Screening + consultation

    Mental Health Consultation

    A mental health professional consults with you to make sure you are ready to take on this challenge.

    Medical Screening

    You undergo a thorough screening as a safeguard for health and security.

    Legal Consent Form

    We provide legal guidance on the contract and can offer some options.

  • The Medication Cycle

  • Donor cycle and medication requirements typically last 10-21 days

    Medication + Appointments


    Your last menstrual period usually becomes the starting date of the donor cycle. To stimulate egg development, a series of injectable egg donor medications begins and continues until approximately 36 hours before the egg retrieval. You will be given exact instructions and information from the medical center on how to take the medication.


    Throughout the process, you’ll be assigned approximately six to seven morning appointments at the fertility center’s IVF (in-vitro fertilization) unit to monitor your progress and if your ovaries are stimulating properly. The appointments are usually between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and last about 30 to 45 minutes. During this time, please keep in touch with the nursing staff and your Match Manager.

  • Egg Retrieval

  • Outpatient procedure: 1 day

    What to expect on egg retrieval day

    As with any surgical procedure, you will need someone to get you to the clinic, stay with you, and get you home. The egg retrieval requires twilight sedation. The physician will then perform a surgical procedure to retrieve the eggs.

    You should expect to be at the IVF center for about three hours on the day of egg retrieval (the actual procedure takes only 20 to 30 minutes). You may experience some fatigue and cramping afterwards. Plan on spending the rest of the day taking it easy at home.

    The following day you should be able to return to light or even normal activities, but refrain from anything more strenuous than walking or working out until the physician gives you the green light.

  • The End and
    the Beginning

  • Immediate and ongoing results

    Congratulations. You did something amazing. By deciding to become an egg donor, you helped someone fulfill their family destiny. And your reward is to fulfill your destiny—be it paying off student loans or traveling to Asia and beyond. You are now in a class of women who are bold and courageous. You are an egg donor.

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