Surrogacy and The Military Community

Rachelle and her husband

Military Spouses make great surrogates. Why? Because military members and their families are service oriented, driven to help their community and make family a priority. Like members of the service and their spouses, our surrogates feel called to help others.

  • Service oriented
  • Community driven
  • Committed
  • Determined
  • Empowered

As a military spouse, you can make up to $72,000 as a first time surrogate with the ConceiveAbilities $10,000 limited time bonus. Because we know military spouses like you make great surrogates, we prioritize compensation on and around military bases.

Become a Surrogate

Over 450 surrogates in the military community have turned to ConceiveAbilities when they begin researching their surrogacy journey. Why? Because we understand the unique set of needs of the military community and can support you through every step of the way.

  • Most experienced surrogacy agency
  • Support personnel who are a part of the military community and advocating on their behalf
  • Top surrogacy compensation & care
  • Navigating TRICARE insurance
  • Experienced surrogates from all of the military branches including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a child that she is not genetically related to for someone else. Becoming a surrogate allows women to help other families while earning income for their own. While some surrogates match with local families, many are long distance surrogates. From almost anywhere you are stationed in the United States, we can help you bring someone’s dream of a family come true.

Becoming a surrogate also allows you to contribute to your family’s financial health, while providing flexibility to be present for your own family. While not all careers are suited for the military lifestyle, surrogacy is uniquely a good fit. Surrogacy is a labor of love and our All-In Surrogate Care & Compensation Package ensures you and your family are protected and taken care of. Blue Star Families report that Military Families want to be together. Surrogacy can help you achieve your goals while prioritizing your time with your family.

Time away from family is the top concern of service members.
Laci and her family

Surrogacy and the Military Spouse

Becoming a surrogate mother as a military spouse is a unique calling. Listen to two time surrogate and Surrogate Engagement Coordinator Laci Compton share her experience as a surrogate and military spouse.

Questions about talking to your military spouse about becoming a surrogate? Read Army Warrant Officer Jonathan’s perspective about his wife, Laci, becoming a surrogate.

Rachelle, Experienced Surrogate, Navy Wife and Mom of Four

After two fairly easy pregnancies, I was called to be a surrogate. I first discovered ConceiveAbilities when we moved to Illinois. While my husband was hesitant at first, after a phone interview we were both on board and ready to start the process! After witnessing the effects infertility had on friends and family members, I understand that being a surrogate was what God created me to do. I'm constantly reminded how blessed I've been to be able to help someone in such an amazing way!
Rachelle, Experienced Surrogate, Navy Wife and Mom of Four
Ashley Wilson and her family

Ashley Wilson, Experienced Surrogate, Mom of 2, Marine Wife

I wanted to become a surrogate for as long as I can remember. After having two easy pregnancies, I felt it was time to share my super amazing ability as a woman to help a deserving family. At the time, my husband was stationed in Illinois on Recruiting Duty for the Marine Corps, so I took the opportunity to pursue my dream; he was supportive from the very beginning! Knowing that I could help create or grow a family was the most amazing feeling in the world. After the successful delivery of a baby girl, my heart was full and I knew my life had changed forever. I decided that surrogacy was something I was extremely passionate about, so I decided to pursue it in my career as well. Now, I work here at ConceiveAbilities as a Surrogate Engagement Coordinator, helping potential surrogates get started on their own surrogacy journeys. I can’t imagine a job more fulfilling and I am still able to help grow families every day.

Ashley Hellstern, ConceiveAbilities Surrogacy Educator and wife of retired Coast Guard Commander

Ashley understands the needs of the military community on a personal level. Her experience is a great resource for military families as they explore their surrogacy options.

Becoming a surrogate is a big family decision. Read more about Everything You Need to Know About Surrogacy to learn more about the surrogacy process and join the Surrogacy Learning Center to connect with experienced surrogates and surrogacy experts.

Ashley Hellstern and her family

Surrogate Sisterhood: Welcome to the Club!

It takes a special kind of woman to become a surrogate. Our surrogates report feeling a sense of empowerment and purpose. ConceiveAbilities’ surrogate sisterhood provides women a chance to be a part of something larger than themselves. Support groups, online communities like our private facebook group and the Surrogacy Learning Center allows our surrogates to connect with other women like them who have shared experiences.

Belonging to the military community is a special and unique experience. Military families show sacrifice and commitment every day. Similarly, surrogates are helping others achieve their American dream… a family. With these amazing surrogates, that dream can be achieved.

39% of military family respondents do not have anyone in their local community to talk to; 40% feel they don't have a sense of belonging in their local civilian community.
83% of military family respondents feel the general public does not understand the sacrifices made by service members and their families.

Surrogacy is a calling to help those who cannot have a baby do so. Our surrogates report feeling a deep calling to become a surrogate and they have a life changing experience giving the gift of family.

According to Blue Star Families, 77% of military spouse respondents report at least one circumstance of underemployment; their pay is lower than their education level, their pay is lower than their work experience, they are overqualified for their current position, their pay is lower than previous positions, or they worked fewer hours than they wanted. As a surrogate, you have the opportunity to earn a limited time bonus in addition to your base pay that increases based on location and experience. Find out your estimated pay with our surrogacy pay calculator.

  • Personalized support every step of the surrogacy process
  • Top surrogacy compensation
  • Right timing based on your family needs
  • Fourth trimester postpartum recovery care
  • Monthly gifts
  • Unlimited opportunity to earn referral rewards for your family
32% of veteran spouse respondents reported that their employment status had a positive impact on their family's transition from military to civilian life.

While not the main driving factor, compensation is a deciding factor of becoming a surrogate. 81% have a financial desire to create flexibility and a safety net for her family. 74% of our surrogates report being influenced by being able to lessen family financial stressors like paying off loans, starting college funds and having a down payment for a family home as a reason to become a surrogate.

Surrogate compensation can also provide financial flexibility as a family transitions into civilian life.

Basic Surrogate Qualifications for Military Spouses

5 Basic requirements to be a surrogate:

  • Have you given birth before?
    • A history of at least one full-term, healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy is essential to ensuring your surrogacy journey is healthy and successful.
  • How old are you?
    • At the time you are matched with intended parents, you should be between 21 and 40 years of age.
  • Are you a long-term US resident?
    • The surrogacy journey is lengthy and is accomplished only by working with a US-based IVF clinic. A current or pending deployment may add some extra considerations to the timing of when you are a surrogate but, with our expertise, we will help you find a way forward to be a surrogate.
  • Are you physically healthy?
    • You must have an uncomplicated medical history, not be over- or under-weight, not currently smoke, and be free of certain chronic conditions.
  • Are you emotionally healthy?
    • Your surrogacy journey is demanding and requires a stable foundation in your life without undue stress.
Do you qualify to be a surrogate?
80% of people want to work for a company that cares about society

TRICARE Insurance and Surrogacy

While TRICARE for surrogacy healthcare is a limited benefit, as experts in working with military families, ConceiveAbilities knows how to ensure you are fully covered to receive the very best medical care from the very best experts throughout your surrogacy journey. A ConceiveAbilities surrogate will have additional insurance, purchased and paid for as part of the All-In Care and Compensation Package, to cover all expenses of the surrogacy journey and considering every contingency scenario. Your job? Focus on a successful and empowering surrogacy experience, with peace of mind knowing that all the money matters are taken care of.