Have You Ever Thought About Becoming A Surrogate?

Be a surrogate

Finding a path to parenthood by working with a gestational carrier continues to grow in its appeal.

Surrogacy by the numbers

In 2019, more than 10,000 births took place by surrogate in the United States, and the market is steadily growing at 15% per year based on data from the Centers for Disease Control. And, in 2019, 5.4% of all In Vitro Fertilization transfers occurred with a gestational carrier, which is up from just over 1% ten years prior.

Anderson Cooper and his son Wyatt

Surrogacy in the news

The emotional appeal, though, is the real growth story of this modern approach to building families. Just last week, Anderson Cooper delivered a beautiful tribute to the power of surrogacy. Listen and watch his gripping commendation on CNN here.

Anderson is the latest public face to share his feelings about how surrogacy has made his life more than he could have ever imagined. And we add our warmest welcome to Anderson's newborn Wyatt.

But there’s more. Andy Cohen, of Watch What Happens Live and Radio Andy, turned his joy in becoming a father with the help of a surrogate into passionate and effective advocacy to legalize compensated gestational surrogacy in New York. And, after a hard-fought battle, he and the great state of New York prevailed, as state-of-the-art legislation was just passed.

Finally, for anyone who is finding the journey to parenthood to be challenging, hear from Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen. Just last week, they shared their candid and raw emotions about what their path to parenthood involved. Jimmy and Nancy’s young daughters, both delivered via surrogate, are now routinely featured in The Tonight Show’s At Home Edition. Draw inspiration from Nancy’s words, amid the couple's banter, as she describes her decision and determination to simply not quit, which made their beautiful family possible.

Be a surrogate

And, if you’ve ever thought that you could make that kind of miraculous difference for someone else, we encourage you to consider the possibilities. You can take a look at the process to get a better understanding of how to be a surrogate. But, even better, you can also talk with us. We know what it takes to be a surrogate and we know the difference you could make.

Be a surrogate