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Atlanta Egg Donation and Surrogacy

As a vibrant and culturally and economically diverse city, many ConceiveAbilities egg donors and surrogates call Atlanta, Georgia (or its suburbs) home. Our numerous egg donors and surrogates in Atlanta represent diverse ethnicities, life experiences, and education, and these women want nothing more than to help others grow their families through egg donation or surrogacy. While donor and surrogate compensation costs always need to be considered in addition to any clinic fees, intended parents will not be disappointed with any of the ConceiveAbilities Atlanta-area women who are willing to help others in their family-building journey.

Traveling To Atlanta

Atlanta egg donors and surrogates often cite how easy it is to travel to out-of-state fertility clinics and attend local monitoring appointments. As local resident and surrogate Becca enthuses, “everything is nearby and easily accessible!” The Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport, which means egg donors, surrogates, and intended parents are easily able to find economic flights to and from the city. Because fertility clinics often require roughly three visits during an egg donation or surrogacy cycle- including the medical workup, monitoring, and the eventual egg retrieval or embryo transfer procedure- ease of round-trip travel is crucial and Atlanta’s location fits the bill.

Additionally, tourist sites abound for intended parents who may be in town to attend medical appointments with their surrogate and have some time to explore. Everything from the Coca-Cola Factory, Atlanta Zoo, and Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum is nearby, as well as local favorites like 9 Mile Station on top of Ponce City Market, which Becca assures offers tasty food with an amazing Atlanta skyline view.

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Whether working professionals, students, or stay at home moms, Atlanta egg donors and surrogates are proud of their city and overjoyed they can help others create the family they’ve already dreamed of having. Becca agrees she’s “thrilled that there are companies ready and willing to help couples conceive”, and ConceiveAbilities could not be more honored to count her among our selfless women willing to offer the ultimate gift to others.

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