A Message From ConceiveAbilities CEO Nazca Fontes

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No doubt, these are unprecedented times. We are sending our warmest thoughts and wishes to you that you are safe and well-connected with your loved ones.

At ConceiveAbilities, we are expert at navigating the delays, financial up-and-downs, medical system complexities, and travel vagaries that are required to complete a successful family-building journey. The reason we do it is for the end result. For instance, just yesterday, a healthy baby was delivered in Houston by a wonderful surrogate for a couple that had spent years working toward that very moment. To put it mildly, there had been setbacks along the way. And yet, the aim was achieved with this gorgeous new life now part of a budding family. Even during some very concerning days, much joy and happiness is found and embraced.

The desire to create a family is a strong one and it causes you and it causes us to find our way through those challenges. The current global pandemic with COVID-19 certainly brings this all into focus.

You should know that we are more determined than ever to be your partner through this journey. And, as events unfolded this week, it’s caused us to reflect on four short beliefs:

  • First, we believe in the doctors and care providers that you are working with. They have wisdom, your best interests and sound medical advice to provide.
  • Second, we believe in the power of informed consent. You are a shared decision-maker in this journey together with your healthcare providers. You have instincts about what’s best, and the decisions ahead of you should include those instincts.
  • Third, we believe in our staying power. We have navigated countless challenges throughout our 25 years as a company and we are certain that those experiences will continue to directly serve you as we all stay focused on your ultimate aim.
  • Lastly, we believe family is everything. Now more than ever.

Meanwhile, it can be hard for any of us to maintain equilibrium through these times. Some may feel that the current actions by governments around the world are over done, and some may feel that they are under done. You are surely subjected to a flurry of inbox updates and it can be very hard to stay current or to look for clues on how to best continue forward. Regardless, we are here for you and will partner with you to find the best path for your circumstances.

In order to maintain connection, but without overloading your inbox, we will plan for a communication in this format (a short note sometimes directly from me to you, sometimes as a simple update from the company as a whole) once per week. If we have a view on a more urgent development, you’ll hear from us sooner, particularly from your main point person you are already engaged with at ConceiveAbilities. And, if we have nothing meaningful to add to the state of affairs, it will just be a short note to let you know we are thinking of you. And, most importantly, because each match is different, mass communication does not suffice about the needs of your personal journey. Your Match Manager is available to address your individual questions and concerns, and act as a continued source of guidance and support.

At all times, please continue to call and email us at any time. Our team, like many organizations, is working safely from home with good technologies to support us in staying productive. We have reviewed all the hand-washing videos, and CDC guidance, and the like. We are ready.

Nazca Fontes
CEO, ConceiveAbilities

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