Surrogacy Requirements & Qualifications

The requirements helped me feel safe and supported throughout the whole process. I knew I was healthy and in the right frame of mind to make the commitment.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

Our surrogate requirements make sure your surrogacy journey is as healthy and successful as possible. Review these basic criteria to find out if you qualify as a surrogate candidate. Or, better yet, take 10 minutes right now and get your very own assessment here!

Getting to know you Why do we ask?
Have you given birth before? A history of at least one full-term and uncomplicated pregnancy is essential to ensuring your surrogacy journey is healthy and successful.
Where do you live? Compensated surrogacy is legal in most, but not all, states. And, certain locations are highly valued by intended parents, which allows you to earn higher compensation.
Are you a long-term US resident? The surrogacy journey is lengthy and is accomplished only by working with a US-based IVF clinic.
How old are you? At the time you are matched with intended parents, you should be between 21 and 40 years of age.
Are you physically healthy? You must have an uncomplicated medical history, not be over- or under-weight, not currently smoke, and be free of certain chronic conditions.
Are you emotionally healthy? Your surrogacy journey is demanding and requires a stable foundation in your life without undue stress.
Why do you want to be a surrogate? Perhaps the most important requirement is your motivation for pursuing surrogacy. Surrogacy creates an exciting purpose and you can make a profound impact on helping others build their family, and get well-paid for doing so.

These surrogacy qualifications are a first step. Once we get to know each other a bit, our relationship will build. Together, our next steps include

Virtual interviews

A thorough review of your medical records

Ensuring you have up-to-date assessments of both your physical and emotional health

An in-depth background review of you and those with whom you share your home

At each step, we'll explain "the why," making sure the journey is a healthy and safe one for you. And, with each step, we're bringing you closer to your goal of helping someone else build their family. Because, after all, family is everything.

I felt heard, supported and like I had everything I needed from the first phone call on.


More questions about surrogate mother requirements and how to become a surrogate mother? Our compassionate professionals are ready to help and listen as you begin your journey to become a surrogate.

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