Is My IVF Clinic Open?

"Is My IVF Clinic Open"

It seems a simple question but, for all of us grappling with fertility in this time of COVID-19, we know that the open or closed status of an IVF clinic is anything but simple. Fertility treatment can be time sensitive and, among fertility experts, there is no consensus about continuing procedures during the current times. The good news, though, is that ConceiveAbilities can help. We have built an initial set of crowd-sourced information so that you can both get an immediate picture, and contribute to that picture, of what’s happening with IVF clinics.

What do the experts say?

First, let’s get some context by checking in with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), an important voice in creating standards for the practice of reproductive medicine. Starting in mid-March, ASRM has issued several rounds of guidance. Their most recent update, as of Friday April 24th, makes several key points acknowledging

  • The time sensitivity and essential nature of fertility treatment plans
  • The regional differences that exist within the United States about trends in incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 cases
  • An improving understanding of the modes of transmission and the impact of mitigation strategies in the battle against COVID-19
  • Valid approaches exist to responsibly provide reproductive care in these times
  • There is variation by community and facility in the resources and expertise available to effectively execute these approaches.

Our Take on The Way Forward

At ConceiveAbilities, our principles guide our take on the way forward. Consistent with our thinking throughout our many years of experience, and as our CEO Nazca Fontes shared in mid-March, we have an enduring belief in several principles.

  • First, we believe in the doctors and care providers that you are working with. They have wisdom, your best interests, and advice to provide.
  • Second, we believe in the power of informed consent. You are a shared decision-maker in this journey together with your health care providers. You have instincts about what’s best and the decisions ahead of you should include those instincts.
  • We believe in our ability to, with you, navigate the countless challenges of infertility and we are using that experience now to help you continue with your family building journey.
  • Finally, family is everything.

Taking Action with Real-Time Information

So, putting these ideas into action in a manner consistent with these principles, we have created a tool to assist you, and we also look forward to your contributions to this tool. Our tool is inspired by other crowd-sourcing resources that have served many other types of needs during this time, whether it’s college students trying to find out the status of their summer internship or small businesses trying to find out the status of their SBA loan application.

Our intent, as ever, is to share information, transparently, and not guide any medical decision-making.

On this tool, you will find

  • Input from over 40 IVF clinics, representing all regions of the country from Honolulu to Boston, who participated in a short survey with us to provide a detailed status
  • A simple rating system to give you a quick snapshot, based on those replies, of the availability picture, with green indicating high availability, medium indicating availability with restrictions, and red indicating low to no availability.
  • The opportunity for you to participate in a short survey, which will help pay it forward and build a broader and deeper picture of IVF clinic availability across the country
  • Coming soon, a map so you quickly see patterns by region of the country
  • And, a commitment from ConceiveAbilities to actively maintain and enhance this availability picture for the duration of this pandemic. We all know that the times to come will continue to be uncertain and, for better and worse, the availability of an individual clinic will change. We are here to stay and so is this tool.

Your journey forward

We are gratified by the trust you place in us and hope that this tool will make a difference in your continuing journey to build your family. Because at ConceiveAbilities, we know that family is everything.

We stand ready to help you move forward. Please contact our team today.

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